Mikael Brageot, in only his third race in the Master Class, finished third on the Free Practice 4 timesheet with a time of 55.206s, just 0.835s slower than Martin Sonka.

Brageot is the new pilot for the World Championship-winning Breitling Racing Team, and he’s already flown his Skyracer into the points. Here, the Frenchman previews his third race against the world’s best pilots – in Chi

In only his second stop in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, French pilot Mikaël “Mika” Brageot will take on one of the most iconic settings in the history of the sport – and in the history of aviation:&

It was both exciting and fascinating to sit at home with Hux and watch the first race of 2017. Each race is, of course, just one battle in the long campaign of a race season so it’s hard to predict the outcome but, it’s worth having a&

When the 2017 Red Bull Air Race season takes off in Abu Dhabi, UAE this weekend, all eyes will be on Mikael “Mika” Brageot of France

A newcomer in the Master Class category, young French pilot Mika Brageot is now flying the Breitling colors in the Red Bull Air Race at the helm of his high-performance “Skyracer” with its truly extraordinary appearance.